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    Curtain Range


    If you are interested in Curtains and Fabrics, you will find decorating both fascinating and rewarding. At Curtain Addiction we can create a complete transformation simply by combining elements like colour, texture, pattern and style.

    Many factors influence the application of soft furnishings and must be considered during the selection process such as the existing wall coverings and carpet, existing furniture and accessories, window size and shape, view and a need for privacy, as well as light, heat, and sound control.

    However the most important factors however are not to do with the interior itself, but with the occupants. These include personal needs and uses of the room, personal style and taste and of course budget. Ultimately, once you find out what the customer really likes (and can afford), combine it with your expertise in light, space, colour and materials.

    Decorating to your door

    What ever is you taste in Window Treatments, Curtain Addiction will help you find the right combination of Fabrics and Products that best suit your needs and style.

    Create the look you want

    Start the experience by coming outside your front door and looking at our Mobile Show-Van. From here, together we can make the decisions as to what combinations of Fabrics and Products will best work for you.

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    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect curtains, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us 1300 883 538 now or book your consultation above.