Timber Look Blinds

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    Blind Range

    Timber Look Blinds

    An alternative to our Timber Blinds are Timber Look Blinds, also known as Faux-
    Wood or Imitation-Wood. These are made from composite materials many of
    which are suited to wet areas (Kitchen / Bathroom / Laundry / WC). Available in
    Wood Grain and Smooth Finishes as well as a variety of colours.

    Timber Look Blinds & Shutter Blinds

    Timber Look Venetians are available in 50mm and 63mm Slat Widths. The 63mm
    is also known as a Shutter Blind due to the wider blades making it look similar to
    a Plantation Shutter. Wider slat width equates to less slats required. Less Slats
    means the gap between each slat is much wider. This allows for an even better
    unobstructed view. Less slats also means a shorter stack height (advantageous
    over doors).

    Light Control

    For easy light control the 50mm Timber Look and 63mm Shutter Blinds are an
    excellent solution as well as having the advantage of being easy to operate.
    All our Timber Look Blinds are FULLY MADE TO MEASURE here in Western

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