Roman Blinds

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    Blind Range

    Roman Blinds

    Roman Blinds are an elegant yet simple window covering. Fabric choices for
    Roman Blinds include Blockout, Light Filtering, Sheer and Screen and your choice
    will in turn dictate the insulation and light control provided by the Blind. The
    Fabrics used for Roman Blinds are generally the same as Roller Blinds allowing
    both products to be used in the same area utilising the same fabrics. Roman
    Blinds are categorised as Front Batten or Rear Batten Romans.

    Front Batten Romans

    As the name suggests Front Batten Romans have the Batten on the front of the
    Blind and the colour of the Batten is a feature of the Blind.

    Rear Batten Romans

    Rear Batten Romans have the Batten on the rear side of the Blind and an elegant
    shadow line on the front side of the Blind.

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